Unlike the past where colour alone was often used to create contrast, now with creativity and innovative techniques we can give your featured wall uniqueness and enhanced style.

Textured Walls

Decorative Textured Wall Painting is a broad category that encompasses numerous painting techniques and medium applied to a variety of surfaces. Contemporary decorative painting includes wall painting exterior & interior textured finishings and various enamel coatings.

pattern designs

Pattern designs are taking over the world, through its vibrant colors. Pattern designs give us the freedom to express creativity on the walls with its mesmerizing and eye-catching designs and patterns.our team of experts will gladly service to you the best pattern designs one could think of.

Pillar Designs

Creative designed pillars or columns in your home can add an old fashioned and quaint charm or it can give an ultra modern look to your residence. Our design team will give you design options according to your taste and style.

CREATIVE Designs & painting

The artistic professionals in our team are ready to render their creative designs accordin to your taste and also their innovative paintings to make your life more colorful

DR. FIXIT A.P.P. Membrane sheet work

we have years of expertise in using Dr.FIXIT A.P.P. MEMBRANE SHEET WORK for waterproofing of building roofs of all types, basements, foundations, swimming pools & water retaining structures.

Roof Water Proofing

An open terrace is exposed to various weather conditions and climates according to the different seasons throughout the year. If a terrace is not waterproofed properly, it leads to damp patches on the ceiling,water leakage and many more conditions.

Houses & Apartments

With decades of experience in painting residential and commercial properties, you can be rest assured that our experienced team will ensure it is easier, simpler and faster. While practicing punctuality, courtesy, cleanliness we will be engaging you in every step of the way to make sure your needs are met and to provide maximum value for your money.

Other Services

Sealants & Adhesives | Expansion Joint Treatments & Pressure Grout Treatments | Concrete Dewatering Systems (TREMIX) | Polished Concrete | Epoxy Floorings



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